My question cause by my potention misunderstanding of how network works. Situation: I have my wallet number (only number) and its password. Can I (and how) transfer amount from this wallet to any other address? Or I must provide JSON wallet/key phrase/etc.?

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  • What do you mean by wallet number? Do you mean your wallet address? And by password, do you mean your private key, or the password to decrypt your private key? – user9402 Jul 25 '17 at 13:05

In a few words no. To create a transaction sending your funds to someone else you have to cryptographically sign the transaction data with your private key, which is inside the JSON wallet file encrypted with your password.

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  • Ok, got it. Am I right that if I have private key I can create transaction (as I remember called raw tranaction) and the sign it? So finally I do not need to JSON wallet? – Alex G.P. Jul 25 '17 at 21:17
  • Yes, if you have the private key you can sign transaction and do not need the json file. The wallet file is only a security measure to not store the private key uncrypted on disk. – Ismael Jul 25 '17 at 21:51

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