The Ethereum roadmap makes no mention about when to expect a light client. Anyone has any insights on when we could expect to see a light client that could efficiently run on, say, an Android device?

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The light client (LES) is currently only being developed in the Go Ethereum codebase and is currently rounding off the first of two phases.

The first phase consists of the following high level components:

  • [•] Validating header
  • [•] Validating state information
  • [•] Querying state information (accounts, code, nonces, etc.)
  • [•] Validating receipts
  • [ ] Sending transactions

The first phase is partially under review (ticked tasks) and Zsolt is working on implementing the sending of transactions. This requires a bit of work because of accounting (nonces in particular, inclusion checks, etc.). This phase will roughly end in Two Wooks™ ;-)

The second phase will consist of the following tasks and isn't being worked on yet:

  • Bloom filter inspection, validation and filtering
  • Log filtering
  • Log validation

The second phase will make the LES "feature complete" and will bring an end to the 0.1 LES PoC.


There are ongoing efforts to integrate a light client into the go Ethereum client. More information are available in the corresponding pull request.

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