I got the first 3 Eth in 3 weeks and then I decided to add another card (RX480s).

I stopped the mining (CTRL - C) Then stopped geth node (CTRL - C) Shutdown PC and installed extra GPU. Ran geth test run for GPU and got double hash rate, cool. Ran geth node and let it sync, I waited till it was updating by 1 block and the block number matched/exceeded number form eth stats. Then ran GPU mining and waited...

It's been more than 4 weeks, and still no more ETH. I'm worried I'm mining to "no where" ...

Is it just that difficulty has increased (exponentially) or I've done something wrong?


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If you are mining on yor own you should be aware that finding a block solution is statistical in nature. Each new block is like flipping a coin again, with your hash power/total network hash power begin your odds.

Perhaps you were lucky and got 3 Ethers and now are unlucky and got nothing for 4 weeks.

Miners bunch together in pools, so there's more chance to mine a block and share the rewards between them, so profits are more predictable.

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