Friends. I did a stupid thing here and need your help. I just want to delete the accounts, so I delete everything in datadir, the datadir is the directory which is used in the command below:

./geth --datadir ethereum init genesis.json

After deleting, I run the command ./geth --datadir ethereum init genesis.json

> eth.accounts

but when I run command below:

superman@ubuntu:~/data/src/github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum$ ./geth account list
Account #0: {9aed02c60c71ea53e7d34f52c624ab060b467b84} keystore:///home/superman/.ethereum/keystore/UTC--2017-06-16T02-26-03.490121281Z--9aed02c60c71ea53e7d34f52c624ab060b467b84
Account #1: {acf3e3d535903e8ddeefc25cfc9a9fcec74cf60f} keystore:///home/superman/.ethereum/keystore/UTC--2017-07-20T03-04-30.295140884Z--acf3e3d535903e8ddeefc25cfc9a9fcec74cf60f

why it shows 2 accounts but there is only 1 account in geth console? And there are not same? how to solve the problem?

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You're using the --datadir ethereum in the first two commands, but not in the last one. The last command uses the default --datadir of .ethereum. Thus, you see the keystore's location is /home/superman/.ethereum. There must be two accounts in the /home/superman/.ethereum directory. If you want to use the ethereum directory for storing data, the last command should be

./geth --datadir ethereum account list

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