I'm trying to use a bash file to execute a loasdScript file in geth console on a private blockchain. How can I do this?

I have tried:

\\Bash file

$ geth --exec 'loadScript("/path/to/file/filename.js")' attach ipc:/path/to/ipc

But it doesn't worked.

Also tried:

\\Bash file

geth --preload "/my/scripts/folder/utils.js,/my/scripts/folder/contracts.js" console

But, not worked also.

Hope someone could help me with this.


  • I can't leave this as a comment, but can you please provide more information why the scripts failed to work? – mik Jul 20 '17 at 7:46

I found the solution from the problem through this:

 ./geth --jspath "path/to/file.js" --exec "eth.namereg(loadScript('file.js'))"" attach ipc:folder/geth.ipc

Hope could be usefull for someone.

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