I just installed ethereum wallet and run from command line. After wallet started it began to download all blocks. Do I really need all that blocks to just use coins (not mining)? How can I use wallet on a lightweight mode?

PS I am running ubuntu 16.04 and wallet v0.8.10.

man ethereumwallet command does nothing


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As far as I can tell, Mist (AKA ethereumwallet) does not have a working light mode (as of Jan 14th, 2018). There are a few existing issues on github so I would expect that it should be fixed at some point.

If you have geth, you can run a light node with RPC enabled then connect to it from the wallet with geth --light --rpc, then start mist with yarn dev:electron --rpc http://localhost:8545.


There seems to be a similar question [here][1] which has been answered. Basically, the answer is this:

geth --light
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