I've deployed a MultiSigWallet from ConsenSys. How can I call functions with onlyWallet modifier?

modifier onlyWallet() {
    if (msg.sender != address(this))

Does the address variable need to be an account address or can it be a contract address?

var data = multisig.replaceOwner.call(web3.eth.accounts[1], web3.eth.accounts[2], {from: address}, function(err, res) { console.log(res.toString())});

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The onlyWallet modifier means that a transaction needs to be confirmed with multiple signatures first. In order to do that you need to:

1.Submit transaction and get transactionId

function submitTransaction(address destination, uint value, bytes data)

2.Confirm it with the required number of confirmations from owner accounts:

function confirmTransaction(uint transactionId)

3.Execute transaction:

function executeTransaction(uint transactionId)
  • I found the answer. See below
    – Russo
    Sep 9, 2018 at 14:59

onlyWallet transaction is not for confirmation , it's checking if caller is contract itself.

modifier onlyWallet() {
    require(msg.sender == address(this));

address(this) is contract address.


Oh, I just found that transactions can send the code as a "byte data" param and thus call any contract's functions. :)

addTransaction(address destination, uint value, bytes data)

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