If amount is not exactly 5 Ether it has to be refunded back to the sender.

  • this question is too general, because is a javascript code and you can do this with a simple condition like the others types of programming languages... check solidity documentation for learn something abaout "how you can program with solidity"
    – Gawey
    Jul 12, 2017 at 14:09

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You can add this condition in your Solidity function like this -

function foo() returns(return type) {
    if (msg.value != 5 ether) {
    // function definition

The function would throw if sent value is not exactly equal to 5 ether.

or you can create a modifier and use it in your function so that condition can be checked before function execution -

modifier CheckValue() { 
    if (msg.value != 5 ether) throw; 

function foo() CheckValue returns(returntype) {
    // function definiton

Hope this helps.

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