Hi guys I am thinking of buying some serious rig for mining. Since AMD GPUs are out of stocks, I am thinking to buy 1080Ti. The problem is that I can't find any comparison of hashrate for this card and other 'high end' GPUs from AMD... My second question is: What about Titan X GPU? I am planning to invest about 5k in USD for this rig.

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Not any better than GTX1070. It's because it's 1080 is DDR5X, different processing speed or something iirc.

I'd suggest getting a GTX1070 for price/MHs.

I last heard 1080 gets 25-27MH/s overclocked. While GTX1070 can go above 31MH/s.

I mine at 29.5MH/s with Claymore miner. Using it for personal PC as well. Hope it helps.

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