I'm using my main desktop for casual mining.

Windows 10 i7. 16 GB RAM. GTX1080 8GB. 20MHs.

When I'm running Geth and Ethminer, CPU is at 2-3%, GPU is at 100% (obviously). The entire desktop experience (light casual browsing) including mouse movement becomes very slow. This didn't happen when I had a Radeon RX480, where I can mine and use the desktop at the same time, without seeing a perceivable mouse lag.

Is there a way to tell the NVidia driver to save some some juice for Windows, or tell Windows to not run the desktop in hardware accelerated mode?

Thank you

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Based on this Reddit thread, you can control the GPU usage for mining when using Claymore. Note that Claymore has a DevFee where it mins to the developers wallet now and then.

There are 2 parameters for control ethi controls the Ethereum intensity and li for turning on low intensity mode. From my experiment, the 2 params seem independent.

When using -ethi 6 -li 14 GPU Usage came down ~55% mining to ~11.5 Mhs, but I have no frame drops when watching Youtube or Netflix.

Update: keeping ethi at the default value (8) and just simply lowering li seem to also not introduce any general OS lag in my system. Thus, what I have is: -ethi 8 -li 10. GPU is ~70% and mining goes up to ~14 Mhs.

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