I just followed the guide, and I made the same mistake as someone else, found here.

Essentially if you use the syntax to:eth.accounts[0xXXXXXX....] instead of to:"0xXXXXXX....", Geth will create its own, random address, and sent it to there. It would be nice if this was explicitly mentioned in the guide.

Is there a fix for this? I did not type in the address that the transaction was sent to.

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eth.accounts returns an array with all of your accounts, and you access the elements of an array by their index, i.e. eth.accounts[0] to get your first account. In your example you are using an address as an index, and in Javascript, indexing an array with a faulty index returns undefined.

So your transaction was created without a to value and any such transaction creates a new smart contract (at a randomly generated address) with the code you give it in the data value (which was nothing in this case).

I'm afraid that there is no fix that will bring your ether back, at least to my knowledge

  • that was the last time i used eth. next altcoin, please.
    – musclez
    Jul 26, 2016 at 12:01

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