I know that this has been covered in other questions here but I'm not sure what's happening in my case. My code is returning a compiler error "Stack too deep, try removing local variables." But I only have around five function arguments and a few more local variables. The function in question is given below:

function sell(bool limit, uint256 whichquery, uint8 whichoutcome, uint256 amount, uint16 price) {
        uint cumulativeamountgained;
        uint numorderstobedeleted;
        uint amountnotfilled = amount;
        if(tokenHoldings[msg.sender][whichquery][whichoutcome] < amount) throw;
            for (uint i=orderbook[whichquery][whichoutcome][0].length-1;i>=0;i--){
                if(orderbook[whichquery][whichoutcome][0][i][0] >= price) {
                    if(orderbook[whichquery][whichoutcome][0][i][1] > amountnotfilled){
                        orderbook[whichquery][whichoutcome][0][i][1] -= amountnotfilled;
                        tokenHoldings[address(orderbook[whichquery][whichoutcome][0][i][2])][whichquery][whichoutcome] += amountnotfilled;

The error is triggered on the last line of this code snippet under the first "whichquery".


The limit of having not more than 16 local variables could be a problem here. You can try to refactor your code and probably break this function into two parts. That should fix the issue I hope.

Please read the article Solidity stack too deep by James Carlyle to understand more about this issue.

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there is limited amount of local variables you are allowed to declare in your function(arguments and return types inclusive), i think it is 16, but as it seems you have exceeded that limit.

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  • Yip. It's 16 fixed length fields. Strings take two slots, so 8 strings. – Rob Hitchens Jul 7 '17 at 0:08

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