I am trying to sign a message using the following code:ethJsUtil.ecsign(ethJsUtil.sha256(msg),new Buffer('0x...'))

Where 0x... is my private key taken from MyEtherWallet. It gives the error in the title both with and without the 0x at the beginning

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ethJsUtil.ecsign(ethJsUtil.sha256(msg),ethJsUtil.toBuffer('0x...')) works. new Buffer was returning an empty buffer


Basically you pasted:

node ./keygen.js 0xdd0c9ec256a7e76a6693a0d2dea01a6de6b7dfeaf3afcaef7b95647758c79c1a  

Instead of:

node ./keygen.js dd0c9ec256a7e76a6693a0d2dea01a6de6b7dfeaf3afcaef7b95647758c79c1a  
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