Been testing Nethereum and attempting to get a basic test class running as per the Nethereum documentation, but having trouble when running the mining command.


  1. Miner.Start was always bringing back "false" to begin with. Then I stumbled on to this question Nethereum 2.0.0-rc5 Miner which mentions that I should try using the pre-release where Web3Geth is the new way to call mining, trying both ways, I am still unable to get a true value to then continue with my test.

    var mineResult = await web3Geth.Miner.Start.SendRequestAsync(6);
    //var mineResult = await web3.Miner.Start.SendRequestAsync(6);

This is my XUnit test class where the issue is happening.

    using System.Threading;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using Nethereum.Geth;
    using Nethereum.Hex.HexTypes;
    using Nethereum.Web3;
    using Xunit;

namespace BasicTurorial
    public class TestClass
        public async Task ShouldBeAbleToDeployAContract()
            var senderAddress = "0x12890d2cce102216644c59daE5baed380d84830c";
            var password = "password";

            var abi = @"[{""constant"":false,""inputs"":[{""name"":""val"",""type"":""int256""}],""name"":""multiply"",""outputs"":[{""name"":""d"",""type"":""int256""}],""payable"":false,""type"":""function""},{""inputs"":[{""name"":""multiplier"",""type"":""int256""}],""payable"":false,""type"":""constructor""}]";
            var byteCode =
            var multiplier = 7;

            var web3 = new Web3();
            var web3Geth = new Web3Geth();

            var unlockAccountResult =
                await web3.Personal.UnlockAccount.SendRequestAsync(senderAddress, password, 120);


            var transactionHash =
                await web3.Eth.DeployContract.SendRequestAsync(abi, byteCode, senderAddress, multiplier);

            var mineResult = await web3Geth.Miner.Start.SendRequestAsync(6);
            //var mineResult = await web3.Miner.Start.SendRequestAsync(6);


            var receipt = await web3.Eth.Transactions.GetTransactionReceipt.SendRequestAsync(transactionHash);

            while (receipt == null)
                receipt = await web3.Eth.Transactions.GetTransactionReceipt.SendRequestAsync(transactionHash);

            var contractAddress = receipt.ContractAddress;
            var contract = web3.Eth.GetContract(abi, contractAddress);

            var multiplyFunction = contract.GetFunction("multiply");

            var result = await multiplyFunction.CallAsync<int>(7);

            Assert.Equal(49, result);

Full sourcecode can be found here https://github.com/stradled/NethereumTest

  • I would like to know too, did you find the answer?
    – Richard Fu
    Aug 28, 2018 at 10:00
  • Was a while ago. But don't think I did, just moved on. Sorry
    – stradled
    Aug 29, 2018 at 12:37

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I happened to stumble upon the same problem and after weeks of trial and error this worked for me:

var web3 = new Nethereum.Geth.Web3Geth("");
var mine = await web3.Miner.Start.SendRequestAsync(6);

NB:// please use the local address and port that applies to you, mine in this case is

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