I noticed the following log entry from Geth 1.3.5:

queue.go:331] Header #1118680 [a94d89ec] broke chain ordering, expected 1118747

yet the log shows that block #1118680 was successfully downloaded earlier.

What can cause this "broke chain ordering"? Does these mean another node was late in propogating this block?


It usually means that you requested some data from a network peer, and it sent you back something completely different than what you asked for. This usually means either a badly connected peer that's having difficulties replying to your requests, or a buggy implementation sending back bad data. In either case it's just a note that someone send something bad. It shouldn't affect sync much, your node will work around the issue.

  • I'm having the same problem (in geth --testnet), with an addition, I see the same peer sending me bad data over and over again. Could this be a malicious user? And -how- can I remove that peer? Also, why my node is only trying to connect to that peer, do I only have 1 peer? – jeff Nov 3 '16 at 19:40

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