enter link description hereI send a transaction with contract. I use unlock account to account it. It can skip the first confirm. Which is asked to confirm deploy. But it can't skip the second confirm, the function execution. Just as the picture show.

enter image description here

I search the JSONRPC of Parity. And found a JSONRPC named confirmRequest, I think it's maybe useful. But when I call it, it returns "Method not found"...

So how to confirm this request? Thanks a lot! :)

  • Oh.. I use unlockAccount twice (Once before deploy contract, once before send transaction) and that is solved... But the confirmRequest JSONRPC still can't work, right? – YangYifei Jun 29 '17 at 19:43

In order to use the signer_confirmRequest method, you have to enable the signer module in your config.toml file in the [rpc] section, like this:

apis = ["web3", "eth", "net", ...other modules..., "signer"]

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