Ethereum will eventually move to Proof-of-Stake algorithm. I guess it is a very basic question, but how the mining pools are supposed to work in that case (if at all)?


There may well be multisig stake pools which allow multiple parties to stake their Eth but there will not be mining pools in the sense of contributing processing power to a pool.


Though mining pools will not be available, they will be replaced with stake pools where a multisig public stake pool smart contract will be used as in case of Rocket Pool where one needs to claim a stake by depositing some amount of Ether and if that block is validated. Note: Proof of stake does nothing with mining instead it is based on validation.



My understanding is that for participating in PoS, you'll have to run a full node. There won't be any pools and we will throw our 280x's away.

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    Don't throw them away please :-) – Afr Mar 8 '16 at 8:35

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