I did not use my wallet for a few months and when I tried to transfer my ether I could not reliably see the balance. The system is taking a long time to update.

Is there anyway to avoid a client update for a MIST wallet and have some kind of wallet online which avoids a client download?

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I dont think you can achieve it using Mist, because the application is structured in such a way where it has to wait for the Blockchain to sync to latest stage before it even starts.

There are online wallets which helps you transact using private keys; like myetherwallet.com

However, light clients are coming in the next Ethereum release, Metropolis. A light client is exactly what you're describing. A wallet or Ethereum (Dapp) browser that enables users to browse, receive and send transactions without having to synchronize the entire chain on a full node.

Meanwhile, you can use any Blockchain explorer like etherscan.io to see your balance by entering your public key.

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