I've downloaded mix for OS X from here: https://github.com/ethereum/webthree-umbrella/releases

but every time I try to open it, it stops, and I get the error "mix quit unexpectedly"

I've tried downloading different versions, but the same thing happens every time.

How do I fix this?


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I downloaded the binary from here and it works on my system (OSX El Capitan). Mix is under hard development as I understand so a thing might be working today, but broken tomorrow. Just have a bit of patience (I know it's frustrating ;) ).

If that doesn't work for you, maybe you could also try homebrew. Haven't tried it myself but it should be as easy as:

brew update
brew upgrade
brew tap ethereum/ethereum
brew install cpp-ethereum
brew linkapps cpp-ethereum

Or ...

brew install cpp-ethereum --with-gui

If none of these things work consider installing Sublime or Atom. I find they are more pleasant to work with but don't provide the debugging options that Mix has.

  • Please try not to post link-only answers. Could you consider adding more details for instance on how to install Mist through homebrew?
    – q9f
    Commented Mar 23, 2016 at 10:11

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