I just started the sync from scratch about 20 hours ago by running geth --rpc --fast --cache=1024.

What I can see now in console is that the last block that was synced is number=3918966 count=13 elapsed=11.009ms number=3918966 hash=2c8144…c066ee ignored=0 INFO [06-25|16:33:27] Imported new state entries

After that it is just counting in console like this:

count=55 flushed=45 elapsed=27.008ms processed=6452838 pending=11692 retry=10 duplicate=1208 unexpected=4863 INFO [06-25|20:28:11] Imported new state entries count=384 flushed=428 elapsed=26.019ms processed=8494218 pending=3621 retry=2 duplicate=1535 unexpected=7772 INFO [06-25|20:28:11] Imported new state entriesenter image description here

Does that means that sync is finished?

eth.syncing returns:

  currentBlock: 3927202,  
  highestBlock: 3927287,  
  knownStates: 8621554,   
  pulledStates: 8618011,  
  startingBlock: 3926371  

eth.blockNumber returns 0

...\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\geth\ folder size already reached 22 GB and I can tell that folder is continue to grow.


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As long as the state entries are still being processed you have not fully synced. When you are fully synced you should see blocks being processed like this:

INFO [07-26|12:45:27] Imported new chain segment               blocks=1    txs=0    mgas=0.000   elapsed=4.999ms   mgasps=0.000   number=1376235 hash=7613d4…

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