I'm following the instructions found here to create an offline Transaction. When executing, the following line, I get "Can only serialize integers" exception raised by rlp. I did import pdb;pdb.pm() and the address is a string, not an integer (obviously). Any idea what's going on?

t = ethereum.transactions.Transaction(nonce, 60 * 10**9, 21000, to, value, '').sign(k)
  • I have tried that and it works for me. What version of ethereum package do you have? Can you show the values behind variables nonce, to, value, k? – Paweł Bylica Mar 22 '16 at 11:09
  • can you post the full stacktrace (error) that is output? – Piper Merriam Apr 14 '16 at 22:04
  • The script link to the txt file is down. – Nicolas Massart Jun 6 '16 at 8:13