I am getting the following error from solc:

Error: Source file requires different compiler version (current compiler is 0.4.11-develop.2017.6.22+commit.68ef5810.Darwin.appleclang - note that nightly builds are considered to be strictly less than the released version
pragma solidity 0.4.11;

In order to build solc, I:

  1. cloned the solidity repository,
  2. ran git checkout v0.4.11 which successfully got the tag/v0.4.11. 3. completed the build process
  3. made sure solc was in my path

    solc --version
    solc, the solidity compiler commandline interface
    Version: 0.4.11-develop.2017.6.22+commit.68ef5810.Darwin.appleclang

So, that is the v0.4.11 release, but the version number has today's date in it. Is that the source of the error?

System is macOS Sierra 10.12.5.

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I solved my problem by RTFM. Mac users should install using Homebrew.

From Installing Solidity

brew update 
brew upgrade
brew tap ethereum/ethereum
brew install solidity
brew linkapps solidity

If you need a specific version of Solidity you can install a Homebrew formula directly from Github.

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    for ubuntu: sudo npm install -g solc Nov 7, 2017 at 19:11
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    You can probably accept your own answer then :)
    – asymmetric
    Nov 13, 2018 at 19:11

To Install specific version of solidity, use :

npm install -g [email protected]

This will install solidity compiler 0.4.26 (latest on that version), globally.


npm install -g [email protected]


$ solcjs --version
> 0.4.26+commit.4563c3fc.Emscripten.clang

This works for me:

brew tap ethereum/ethereum
brew extract --version=0.8.17 solidity ethereum/ethereum
brew install [email protected]

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