I would like to sell Bitcoins and buy Ethers. I know there are some exchange websites, but I cannot tell which are trustworthy. What are safest and easiest ways to sell Bitcoins and buy Ethers?

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you could use poloniex or coinbase to buy ethers using your bitcoins, they are trustworty and efficient (with a high liquidity volume)


To exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum, follow some simple steps:

• Sign up with a global crypto exchange platform such as KoinBX and create an account. • Complete the KYC verification and bank account verification. • Once the account is created and verified, you can deposit funds into your wallet. • Select the ETH pair that you want to exchange.

To sell Bitcoin, the user needs to place a sell order for Bitcoin. Once the order was matched with a buyer holding Ethereum and wishing to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum, Bitcoin will be exchanged for Ethereum and deposited in your KoinBX wallet.

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