I see it in some contract examples, but it doesn't look like it has the exact same purpose as regular JavaScript. Can it be used to initialize variables in a specific scope without declaring a type?


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From the docs:

Type Deduction

For convenience, it is not always necessary to explicitly specify the type of a variable, the compiler automatically infers it from the type of the first expression that is assigned to the variable:

uint24 x = 0x123;
var y = x;

Here, the type of y will be uint24. Using var is not possible for function parameters or return parameters.

This is also a must for Destructuring Assignments

function f() public pure returns (uint, bool, uint) {
        return (7, true, 2);
var (x,y,z) = f(); //Multi-Return from Fx

(x,y) = (y,x) //Swap Values

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