First of all, I am very new to all of this. I did some searching for an answer by myself, but could not find an answer or someone with the same problem as me.

I (mostly for fun) tried GPU mining using geth and ethminer with a 2GB AMD graphics card on Ubuntu today and I am currently in the process of downloading the blockchain. I also created a wallet using geth account new. I entered a password and it spat out an encrypted keystore file.

I tried uploading said file to https://myetherwallet.com/ to access it and it asked me to enter the password. I did and hit "Unlock". Upon doing that, Firefox stopped working for a few seconds, until I get an error message telling me that the following script is unresponsive: https://www.myetherwallet.com/js/etherwallet-master.js:95929

EDIT: I solved it a few minutes after posting this. It's an error with Firefox on Ubuntu. I tried Chrome on Ubuntu and it worked! Hope this helps anyone running into the same problem.

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