I am very much confused on the relation between these four different stuffs (testrpc, embark simulator, embark run development, inellij idea ) . I have installed these all on Ubuntu . My question is how these are related to each other . There are different documents regarding these stuffs but I didn't found understandable relations on them .


as I get it:

testrpc = it's a blockchain simulator where you can locally interact with your very own instance of etheruem without the need of mining and therefore paying fees (deploying contracts, calling them,...)

embark simulator = is afaik dependent on the testrpc (namely the ethereumjs-testrpc libraries), so all this command does, is starting the testrpc (blockchain simulator)

embark run development = this command will start the embark process:

  1. connecting to the "development chain rpc" from the blockchain.json settings:

"development": { "enabled": true, "networkType": "custom", "genesisBlock": "config/development/genesis.json", "datadir": ".embark/development/datadir", "mineWhenNeeded": true, "nodiscover": true, "maxpeers": 0, "rpcHost": "", "rpcPort": 8545, "rpcCorsDomain": "http://localhost:8000", "account": { "password": "config/development/password" }

  1. deploying contracts and building contract objects (to later refer to them in JS)

  2. preparing files for your webserver - based on embark.json it creates the dist folder

  3. starting a web server according to the webserver.json settings

inellij idea = that would be your IDE settings

Hint: It should be clearer once you go through the embark demo: Embark documentation

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