I have a mac. How do I delete mist and re-download it + blockchain so I can start fresh? My original password is not working (only 1 eth in it so not worried about loss).

If it needs to be deleted through terminal and you can direct me through the process it would be much appreciated : )

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To make a new account in Mist Ethereum Wallet dapp:

  • Make sure that Ethereum Wallet is started

  • Make sure you are on the Wallets tab

  • Click "+ Add Account" under the Accounts section

  • Type a new password

  • Once you have a new account, make sure to make a backup

(No need to delete the blockchain just to make a new account.)


Mist is actually not directly connected to the blockchain or your account. It's just a UI over top of the actual Ethereum client.

If you look on your mac you should see the folder ~/Library/Ethereum. It actually contains the blockchain and your account keys in the keystore sub-directory. DO NOT DELETE THE FILES IN THE KEYSTORE DIRECTORY they are the keys to your account. If fact you should back them up to a secure place.

You can delete Mist simply by deleting the Mist folder. But I wouldn't delete the ~/Library/Ethereum folder unless you want to download the entire blockchain again.

As for your original password. If you lost that, you're pretty much out of luck.

  • Thank you. My password is gone. I need a "new" account. Do I do this by deleting the blockchain and download all over again?
    – stangrotic
    Mar 3, 2016 at 21:43
  • No. I would highly suggest that you read the Ethereum introduction guide.
    – dbryson
    Mar 4, 2016 at 1:03

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