Ive been mining for 1 day and i still have 0 ETH. I am running a GTX 970 and getting 17 MH/s but after running it for a full 24 hours I got nothing. I've been using MinerGate and running it on a Ubuntu Machine. I tried mining ETH on Windows using MinerGate but i still get the same results. I am still a beginner and this is my first time trying to mine ETH. Screenshot of it

  • try to mine using a pool not in solo mod – Badr Bellaj Jul 13 '17 at 12:27

According to a mining profitability calculator provided by MinerGate, you're looking at 0.00006 ETH per hour as of early 2018. This question was asked a long time ago, but it's still relevant. Most pools don't allocate funds directly super fast -- they usually take several hours to allocate your shares. It's a slow process that takes time, in other words. With a lower hashrate, you're going to be getting a lot less of a share than other miners, just because many people do this for a living or have huge networks of miners. Not just one PC.

If you don't try mining with a pool, you're going to be looking at an average of 2,305 days to find a block according to Etherscan's calculator at the current network hashrate. Stick with a pool, and be patient. Remember that this isn't an easy way to make free money -- it's largely a hobby activity for a single person to mine at this point, without getting into specialized hardware and competitive electricity pricing.

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You may simply just not have enough hashing power to contribute anything meaningful to the mining network. The total hashing power of the Ethereum network is 40 TH/s.

You may consider mining a different coin that has a lower network hashrate.

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