When I use Claymore in dual mining mode (no matter what combination - Ethereum + Decred, Ethereum + Pascal, Ethereum + Lbry), I'm unable to achieve zero incorrect shares for Ethereum (Incorrect ETH shares: none).

Even on cards with factory settings (not overclocked) and low -dcri 10 - there are still incorrect shares about 0.5%.

Statistics (S key pressed in Claymore's window) after about 800 shares on 3 GPUs look like this:

enter image description here

Is that normal? And does it matter? (I mean, can it cause any sanctions from pool?) What are your stats?

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That is not normal, some days ago my stats on ethermine.org was great stats but the ETH was uploading slow and I saw the same problem like you.

I fixed it downloading the 2200 memory to 2100 and the issue was fix and I did not lose MH / s in the change.

I use 8 RX 580 and i don't know how much you need reduce.


globalcore 1200 globalmem 2100 globalpowertune 3 globalminer claymore


-dcri 20

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