I have created a smart contract function in ethereum. I am unable to use more than four parameters to the function. If a I create a function with more than 4 parameters and call the it by passing arguments , the transaction is getting mined but no event is being triggered and no data is getting saved in the transaction.

Also I am unable to send more than 31 characters per string parameter

So adding gas value while calling the function works. But how do I pre-determine how much of gas I would have to send when calling a function??

P.S. : I am working on a private block chain and using Nethereum's web3 interface and geth to deploy and call the smart contract.


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You need to check the gas value you are defining while calling that function. Generally, if you pass a long string as a function argument, You may end up providing more gas for the transaction to get succeed.

Also, I'm using more than 4 arguments in my smart contract function and it works perfectly fine. So I think there is no limit for function arguments unless the gas amount is sufficient.


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