I'm having a precrowdsale and a crowdsale, How can I send the ether from the first to the second once the precrowdsale is over? this is the script I have:

//send to crowdsale


//sending is successful

} else {

// sending failed } }

but Ethereum Wallet compiler says: Could not compile source code.

Expected import directive or contract definition. if(receiver_address.send(amount_in_Wei)){ ^

What's wrong? Thank you!!!!


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Take a look here, at the end of the file:

   * Set the target crowdsale where we will move presale funds when the crowdsale opens.
  function setCrowdsale(Crowdsale _crowdsale) public onlyOwner {
     crowdsale = _crowdsale;

I'm using a code like this:

if (!wallet.send(msg.value)) {

and it compiles without errors. Are you using a pragma?

pragma solidity ^0.4.11;

Try using it at the very first line of code.

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