I generated a signed transaction with myEtherWallet:


I can convert it to a geth transaction object via:


And successfully read fields like value or to - but when trying to access the from field I get an exception "Invalid transaction v,r,s values" Is there anything I am doing wrong here - or should I report this as a bug? Also interesting when doing transaction.encodeJSON() it also does not include the from field. But it does not seem to be a general problem - when encoding/decoding with geth like this:


I can access the from field.

Update: Hint from Péter Szilágyi (@karalabe) on gitter: Hmmm, one bet is that the mobile library might be using homestead signatures and mew returning proper eip155

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I ended up opening an issue for this and it is confirmed to be the problem @karalabe guessed it is: https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/issues/14599

Will be fixed soon

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