Geth v1.6.1-stable on linux

i have initialized my data localy with :

geth --datadir "data" init "genesis.json"

then i run geth to launch local node with very low gasPrice

geth --datadir "data" --rpc --rpcaddr "localhost" --rpcport "8545" --rpccorsdomain "*" --mine --minerthreads 8 --unlock 0,1 --gasprice 10 console 2>console.log 

i want to access this node through web3js from a local firefox running remix to compile a very simple smartcontract

i have 2 accounts with ether but anytime i execute a function from my smartcontract operations keep being locked "pending" they are never processed by the node..

What is wrong with this node ? all accounts are local, unlocked ..

Thanks by advance if you have any idea ..


enter image description here

enter image description here


check if

eth.mining true

anyway run miner.stop() miner.start(1)

check logs of geth (--verbosity 5)

and wait to see "Sealed block" or something like that

another option can be to recreate a genesis file with less difficulty

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