I'd like to get notification from geth when my account receives ether. I'm thinking to type api command eth_getBalance in every minute, in order to check if my account receive ether or not. However, I don't think it's a good way.

Could you tell me better way in order to get notification from geth?

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personally I registered my addresses on https://etherscan.io that provides such a service, by email.

If you really want to do it by yourself, the simplest I can think would be to register a cron job that start a getBalance.sh script containing a curl eth_getbalance call.

So enter crontab -e and edit the file at the end with :

*/5 * * * * /home/youruser/getBalance.sh

This would fire the getBalance.sh script every 5 minutes, change it according to your needs.

Create the /home/youruser/getBalance.sh file like this, edit YOURADDRESS and PORT according to what client you use, don't forget to chmod +x it:

curl -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getBalance","params":["YOURADDRESS", "latest"],"id":1}' 'http://localhost:PORT'

edit: this is completely untested !

edit2: tested working python script called getBalance.py. It's a very rough script that could be inserted in your cron job instead of getBalance.sh, it just prints 'toto' but you can mail / sms / whatever you feel appropriate with it.

import requests
import json
def balance(address, url):

        postData = {"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getBalance","params":[address, "latest"],"id":1}
        #print('p: {}'.format(postData))
        response = requests.post(url, data=json.dumps(postData))
        result = response.json()
        return result['result']

def writebalance(balance):
        with open('getBalance.txt', 'w') as f:

def readbalance():
        with open('getBalance.txt', 'r') as f:
                bal = f.read()
        return bal

if __name__ == '__main__':
        oldbalance = readbalance()
        newbalance = balance("YOURADDRESS", 'http://localhost:8545')
        if int(newbalance, 16) - int(oldbalance, 16) >0:
  • Just to add to the above, in addition to email notifications Etherscan.io also supports telegram notifications pushed directly to your mobile device. You have the option of choosing either one.
    – mtbitcoin
    Mar 2, 2016 at 19:10

You can use Dagger https://matic.network/dagger to send email/notification or process any contract event.

Here is the simple example of how to watch ERC20 token transfer using Dagger:

// web3 contract
var web3Contract = new web3.eth.Contract(abi, address);

// dagger contract
var contract = dagger.contract(web3Contract);
var filter = contract.events.Transfer({room: 'latest'});

// watch
filter.watch(function(data, removed){
    // data.returnValues.to : address to which it has been transferred to
    // data.returnValues.value : value which has been transferred

// watch only once
filter.watchOnce(function(data, removed){
    // data.returnValues.to : address to which it has been transferred to
    // data.returnValues.value : value which has been transferred

// stop watching

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