I've been reading through the page for ideas but thought I'd just ask.

I have 4 basic desktop computers that I are only used for a few hours a week.

The graphics is integrated with the CPU so I know I have to buy graphics cards which isn't a problem. I have been reading about the Radeon RX480, but have also notice people using 2xRadeon RX260. I just wanted to get peoples opinions on whats best.



  • Please specify "What to do?", Stack Exchange is not the best place to ask about product recommendations. – Afr Jun 7 '17 at 10:50

As I know best graphic cards for mining are RX 470, RX 480, RX 570, RX 580. Two days ago I have ordered 4x RX 580 4GB and each of them will provide approximately 27MH/s and I strongly advise you to buy them.

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