What are the various available hardware wallets for Ethereum?


There is no dedicated and fully supported hardware wallet for Ethereum.

There have been three announcements made so far:

It isn't trivial, but not that complicated to include native support in Trezor compared to creating a wallet from scratch.

Meanwhile you can use a solution like Quroum Wallet together with Trezor. See the announcement on Reddit and this blog post explaining how it works.

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Update: 2017-06-11

Available hardware wallets for Ethereum (in alphabetical order):


Ledger started shipping the Nano S Ether hardware wallet the last week of July 2016. Works for ETH, ETC and bitcoin at a cost of $65.

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Trezor is a popular hardware wallet that supports Bitcoin and other alt coins

Troth is on the way

Troth is an Ethereum hardware vault for safely storing your Ether and Ethereum based tokens. We are looking at the end of March / Early April for the first working prototype. Troth is a Raspberry PI within, complete with a Touchscreen and 5mb camera in a custom encasement, prop firmware (that will be security audited), zero internet connectivity providing a true offline wallet storage solution.

  • I don't believe Trezor supports Ethereum yet. They added "firmware update that brings in Ethereum support once specific wallets implement the necessary components to further their compatibility" per [ethnews.com/trezor-adds-ethereum-support](this article). Coming soon with no apparent ETA for their own web wallet to support it. What other altcoins does trezor support? I'm only aware of bitcoin.
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At the moment available ETH hardware wallets are

  • Trezor
  • KeepKey
  • Ledger Blue & Nano S

Find more details here.

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There are a many hardware wallets available for Ethereum as shown here at the Hardware Wallet comparison with the little icons. For example the ledger nano s.

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