I have been trying to sync my machine up to mine Ether for the past few days to no success. Regardless of what version of any program I use, it always sticks around 60 percent complete and goes up about 10 blocks an hour. The first 60 percent of it only took an hour or so to download. I have tried totally removing all Ethereum related software and reinstalling to no avail.

I have a 50 down MINIMUM internet connection I have more than enough SSD space I have 16gb of memory I have the newest versions of all software required. I am running windows 8.1 x64

enter image description here

I appreciate any assistance!


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When i was running my ethereum wallet before the geth 1.6 was to slow, my connection is not high but i stay more than 4 days for finish the sync. And this in the Test-net, so maybe is a general problem of them.

I will also tell you that you have been having problems:

If anyone is having geth client nodes drop offline due to the mainnet attacks please update to Geth v1.6.5.

This is a communication of their twitter. So it will be better to keep waiting...

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