I have an address with some coins and I want to set it up as a multi-signature wallet using 2 of 3. Which wallets support this feature and is there a good tutorial for this? I want to to split control of my funds with me and 2 other friends.

When I make a transaction, do their wallets also get alerted that I made a transaction so they can approve it? Or it doesnt work like that?

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Maybe you are looking for this "Wallet account", i will give you more information about this in this links:

These types of contracts allow you to have a wallet with multiple accounts and establish a minimum of signatures to carry out transactions as well as establish a limit of expenses per day.


ConsenSys has developed a multisig wallet that you can find on GitHub: https://github.com/ConsenSys/MultiSigWallet

You will find also find more details in their post about it:

Multisig wallets were developed early on by the Ethereum Foundation (EF) to protect their own funds. Gavin Wood wrote the first implementation, which can be found here

You could also use Mist as a multisig wallet. See here.

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