I am working on a iOS & Android-App which is interacting with the blockchain via a Geth node behind an API. Is it possible to do the following: 1. generate an address using a package like EthereumJS 2. Sign transactions with it 3. Accept those transactions with the Geth node?

Or is it only possible to generate addresses from a Geth-Node? Thank you!

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  1. Yes, you can use ethereumjs-wallet to create a wallet client side.

    const wallet = require('ethereumjs-wallet');
    const myWallet = wallet.generate();
    console.log(`Address: ${myWallet.getAddressString()}`);
    console.log(`Private Key: ${myWallet.getPrivateKeyString()}`)

    Will output something like this:

    Address: 0x31483bb3cae99bf173e5f61f0c62dc398f197b81
    Private Key: 0x96d99fefd214a6cf0e401936bed52c96ddbb82b7e2d51d453ae7b85f115ae20a
  2. You can use ethereumjs-tx to create and sign transactions.

    const Transaction = require('ethereumjs-tx');
    const txData = {
      nonce: '0x00',
      gasPrice: '0x04a817c800',
      gasLimit: '0x5208',
      to: '0x31483bb3cae99bf173e5f61f0c62dc398f197b81',
      value: '0x03e8',
      data: '0x',
      chainId: 3
    const tx = new Transaction(txData);
  3. To send signed transaction to geth you can use web3.eth.sendRawTransaction.


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