This is a canonical question. What actions should

  • regular users
  • miners and pool operators
  • developers

undertake to prepare for the upcoming homestead release which includes a forking mechanism.

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This is a community wiki. If releases of other clients are available, please edit the list below.

EVERYONE: Update clients!

What changes are included?

Primarily protocol changes not affecting the end user:

  • EIP-2: Main homestead hardfork changes
  • EIP-7: Hardfork EVM update: DELEGATECALL
  • EIP-8: devp2p forward compatibility

What changes should developers know about?

  • Block time changes (do not rely on average block time in contract code)
  • New DELEGATECALL opcode
  • Block gas limit increased from 3141592 to 4712388 (~50% increase)
  • Default gas price reduced from 50 shannon to 20 shannon (~60% reduction)

Read Homestead Release FAQ on Reddit Ethereum.

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