I've always ran apps on Heroku. Just developed a smart contract and I need to check the blockchain from the app. Are there public nodes I can connect to to get the info I need to show on my app?

If not, have you set up an ethereum node on a hosting service you can recommend?


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Infura is the most prominent public Ethereum nodes. They run mainnet and many of the testnets. They also run IPFS servers. http://infura.io.

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In addition to Infura, Alchemy and QuickNode offer Ethereum Nodes as a service. These services offer full JSON-RPC APIs, whereas Etherscan supports a limited number of the JSON-RPC APIs.


I haven't seen any public RPC nodes(yet). However, you may want to ask yourself whether or not you can actually trust such a node. In theory, that node could feed you whatever data it wanted.

That said, there may be better options but you don't really say what you're goal is there. etherscan has an API that could potentially be useful to you.


Here is a good list of up-to-date nodes; some with APIs: https://ethereumnodes.com/

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