I have the blockchain synced, and then tried to run geth --rpc --support-dao-fork. I got a message saying that --support-dao-fork is unsupported command. So I have run geth --rpc --syncmode "fast" --verbosity 3 --cache=1024 and then Running etherminer -G from cpp-etherum it downloads the DAG and starts to mine. geth is committing the work to the blockchain.

Has the --support option been depreciated or am I mining ETC instead of post fork Eth by default?

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On hard fork the PR 2813 was introduced to support the network split and those two options were added.

This PR implements setting the --support-dao-fork and --oppose-dao-fork flags. As of now they only modify a single database entry specifying whether the current default behavior should change.

Nowadays both options were removed and the official client doesn't support ETC


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