Please note: I have reviewed What advantages and disadvantages does Ethereum have over Bitcoin? and What (if anything) in Bitcoin is better than Ether in the application area of a payment system? but this question has a very specific, and timely, focus, compared to the first, and the second only considers a specific application scope.

The 'common' responses, that do not address the technical capabilities, are given in answers to the semi-related questions linked above:

Where Bitcoin is intended to be a general purpose currency, Ethereum’s Ether (its own internal currency) is used specially to finance the internal processes of Ethereum.

  • Please address technology and capability, not intent and original purpose. Please consider both 'general purpose currency' and any other use of Bitcoin.

the Bitcoin network is stronger than Ethereum because of the network effects of adoption

  • Advantages due to 'history-to-date' such as scale, penetration, awareness, and other network-effects etc are not relevant to this question.

  • The technical advantages of Ethereum over Bitcoin are many, well discussed, and easy to find. They are not pertinent to this question unless to help illuminate an advantage of Bitcoin.

  • Please consider Bitcoin including SegWit, or dynamic block scaling, or anything else that could be incorporated into Bitcoin (he says without a hint of scepticism) in the foreseeable future.

Please excuse the tight focus here - I've been searching: it's not hard to find people asking the question, but statements like the below are impossible to find amongst the noise.

  • Bitcoin has technical advantage x over Ether, or
  • Bitcoin has no technical advantages over Ether

So please don't refrain from saying Ether offers a true super-set of Bitcoin, with no technical-implementation-and-capability disadvantages, if you knowledgeably understand that to be the case. Where Bitcoin has a specific advantage, please give or reference some technical explanation.


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