I have three accounts in Ethereum-Wallet. When I go to Accounts -> Backup -> Accounts, it takes me to a folder that has 2 files. One file starts with UTC-- and ends with one of my account addresses. The other file is merely the address of the same account, beginning with 0x. Both files seem to contain the same data.

It seems like it is not picking up data from all of my accounts, how do I remedy that?

I'm using Ethereum Wallet V0.8.10 on Windows 10.

Update: I added an account and it didn't appear in the keystore folder. Then I deleted everything from the keystore folder and when I start Ethereum-Wallet, it now shows me 4 accounts. Where is it getting them from?

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I had moved the chaindata folder. It turns out that the real keystore folder was in the same folder as the new chaindata folder, not the location given by Accounts -> Backup -> Accounts.

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