So, I just tried testing my backup phrase offline on this page:


I typed in my 24 word backup phrase in the BIP39 mnemonic field and set the coin box to Ethereum.

Should the first generated address (m/44'/60'/0'/0/0) match my first public ledger address? Because they don't.

My Ledger is still working so I still have access to my Ether but I want to make sure my 24 word phrase is correct.


I retested it on


using "Mnemonic phrase". Here you can choose a different address path and it says which one is used by what type of device.

It turns out Ledgers use m/44'/60'/0' instead of m/44'/60'/0'0/0, so my phrase was correct. It seems that currently the Coleman BIP39 tool doesn't support m/44'/60'/0' paths.

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