(I don't know if "account" is the right term. I suppose an Ethereum "account" is a certain kind of entry in the Ethereum blockchain.)

Suppose I create an "account" with geth: geth account new.

One day, the key files in ~/.ethereum/keystore dissapear. Certantly, Ethereum accounts live on the Ethereum blockchain, not on my drive, so that doesn't mean my account has "died".

I have the following data:

  1. The public key, aka. address
  2. The ICAP
  3. The "created key" (What is the technical name for this?)
  4. The password I used to create the account with geth

Are these data sufficient to access my account?

If not, what additional data would I need?

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The simplest is to backup all key files and each password for every key file.

A key file is encrypted that's why the password is essential.

More information: How do I backup my ether accounts? and highly recommend that you test out the recovery process.

(For an advanced user, all that is needed is the private key because the public key, address, and ICAP can be derived from it.)


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