What's happening here in the code and why is my loop not working? And one more thing, should I remove all the warnings from my code before deploying?

function sub(uint n, uint a) external pure returns(uint) {
    for(uint i=1; i<100; i++) {
        uint b;
        b += n+a;
        return b;

enter image description here

  • What exactly you want to achieve with your sub function? Commented Jun 5 at 15:18
  • Please, use text to show source code. It will be much easier to test.
    – Ismael
    Commented Jun 9 at 5:43

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  1. You are using 'return' inside a loop, so the code will return and stop the loop on the first iteration.

  2. You can keep the warnings; they won't stop your code from working. However, it's better to always fix all warnings.


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