After having written the following rough draft for an eject button in some contract:

function triggerReturnAll() public override onlyAfterDelayAndUnderTarget {
    require(msg.sender == _projectLead, "Someone other than projectLead tried to return all investments.");
    uint256 nrOfTierInvestments = _tierInvestments.length;
    for (uint256 i = 0; i < nrOfTierInvestments; ++i) {
      // Transfer the amount to the PaymentSplitter contract
    require(address(this).balance == 0, "After returning investments, there is still money in the contract.");

I get the warning:

DecentralisedInvestmentManager.triggerReturnAll() (src/DecentralisedInvestmentManager.sol#367-375) uses a dangerous strict equality:
    - require(bool,string)(address(this).balance == 0,After returning investments, there is still money in the contract.) (src/DecentralisedInvestmentManager.sol#374)
Reference: https://github.com/crytic/slither/wiki/Detector-Documentation#dangerous-strict-equalities

From Slither.


That makes me wonder, is it possible to have this contract receive currency while this triggerReturnAll() function is being executed? I assume it is not possible, as I would expect the incoming transaction to be processed before or after the function.

That also makes me wonder whether this require(address(this).balance == 0,) is superfluous to the logic of the function, whether I should instead just assert the outgoing transfers are all successful, whether I should ignore Slither warning and/or whether I should verify the correct return of all funds differently in that function. What would be the best practice here?


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