I tried to verify my contract that has been deployed on Polygon Amoy. But all it does is verifies another contract on polygon mainnet.

Submitted contract for verification:
        Response: `OK`
        GUID: `minfutd9rrduuhp4qdj5stehw4d9k5vmcpu1tmnn6azjyexifv`
        URL: https://www.oklink.com/address/0x1935aba6ea495a3dd1d84f8dd6cab96ca005e751

It returns this on the terminal which takes me to a different explorer and on the mainnet chain.

This is how my foundry.toml looks like

src = "src"
out = "out"
libs = ["lib"]
solc_version = "0.8.25"
optimizer = true
optimizer_runs = 200
remappings = [
fs_permissions = [{ access = "read", path = "./" }]
polygon-amoy = { key = "${AMOY_API_KEY}", url = "https://api-amoy.polygonscan.com/api" }

# See more config options https://github.com/foundry-rs/foundry/blob/master/crates/config/README.md#all-options

This is how my Makefile looks like

-include .env

.PHONY: deploy

deploy :; @forge script script/DeployDTsla.s.sol --private-key ${PRIVATE_KEY} --rpc-url ${POLYGON_RPC_URL} --broadcast 
verify :; @forge verify-contract ${CONTRACT_ADDRESS} src/dTsla.sol:dTsla --chain polygon-amoy

I would appreciate any help

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The API url of Amoy Polygonscan isn't supported by Foundry yet, as it's currently supporting the OKLink explorer one.

So, in your foundry.toml file, you can use this url:

polygon-amoy = { key = "${AMOY_API_KEY}", url = "https://www.oklink.com/api/explorer/v1/contract/verify/async/api/polygonAmoy" }

And, you can see your verified contract at:


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