I am creating a contract that I want to be fully renounced, but there is also a function that needs to be called once a year in the contract. I created a chainlink upkeep to call it. The upkeep adress is the only address allowed to perform the function. I want the contract to be fully out of anyone's control Is it possible to also somehow "renounce" the upkeep so that the contract is completely safe?

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You can use Forwarder to authorise the function to be called only by the Chainlink Automation/Upkeep.


The idea is great, however i'd keep a level of action even restricted. What if in the future one address, a service or else just stops working ? Then you cannot do anything about it. But if you have the possibility to modify the address then you can fix it.

It was just a general example , i was just emphasizing the fact that smart contracts are immutable, thus if there is a change or problem down the line it's over.

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